IBM Notes/Domino mobile solutions podcast roundup

Over the last couple of months Taking Notes (@takingnotespod) has interviewed three companies who provide software, tools and services that can help you mobilize your Notes and Domino applications: We4IT’s docLinkr (Episode 159) YouAtNotes Domino To Go (Episode 158) Teamstudio’s Unplugged (Episode 151) We also recently had some other mobile related shows that you mayContinue reading “IBM Notes/Domino mobile solutions podcast roundup”

Podcast: Develop native mobile apps for Notes/Domino with Domino To Go

Walfred Marzahn from YouAtNotes spent 20 minutes talking to us about their “Domino To Go” product. Domino To Go allows you to create native mobile apps that can access your Notes/Domino databases. We covered: Who is YouAtNotes and what do they do? Which mobile platforms are supported How easy it is to create apps withContinue reading “Podcast: Develop native mobile apps for Notes/Domino with Domino To Go”

From my inbox: Domino based URL shortener

Today I received an email from a customer who was looking for a Domino based URL shortener and I was wondering if any of you could help them with some guidance: Hi Bruce, Are you aware of any Domino based URL shorteners that do the following: Core Requirements Shortens URLs Customise a short URL DoesContinue reading “From my inbox: Domino based URL shortener”

Podcast: jQuery in XPages with Mark Roden

Today we talked to Mark Roden about using jQuery in XPages. Topics included: Why use a JavaScript toolkit? Why use jQuery instead of (or along with) Dojo? Any considerations about using jQuery and Dojo on the same page? What are some good jQuery plugins to look at? What about jQuery for mobile web apps? HowContinue reading “Podcast: jQuery in XPages with Mark Roden”

Podcast: Interview with the authors of the XPages Extension Library book

On this show we sat down with all of the authors of the new “XPages Extension Library” book which is now available for purchase. This 537 page book was written by Paul Hannan (@pdhannan), Declan Sciolla-Lynch (@qtzar), Jeremy Hodge(@jeremyhodge), Paul Withers (@paulswithers) and Tim Tripcony (@timtripcony). The book is also available as an eBook, on Kindle and as an iBook. OnContinue reading “Podcast: Interview with the authors of the XPages Extension Library book”

My slide decks from AdminDev2012

Last week I traveled to Washington, DC to participate in the AdminDev2012 conference being sponsored by The View. In addition to delivering two sessions on XPages, I was also part of a keynote panel of “IBM Champions”. All in all the conference was an excellent opportunity to interact with IBM ICS customers. I also hadContinue reading “My slide decks from AdminDev2012”

Podcast: Talking with the XPages “Masters”

Last week at the AdminDev2012 conference in Washington, DC Julian Robichaux and I were able to get a few minutes to talk with XPages “masters” Russ Maher (@russelmaher) and Paul Calhoun (@ptcalhoun). In our 21 minute interview we talked about: What are people wanting to learn about XPages? The XPages Bootcamps How “hot” is XPages mobile dev?Continue reading “Podcast: Talking with the XPages “Masters””

It’s time for you to catch up…

Julian and I have received some great feedback on the last 5 Taking Notes episodes we did with Graham Acres, Alistair Rennie, Mikkel Heisterberg, Ryan Baxter, Nigel Cheshire, Craig Schumann and Alan Lepofsky. Topics included mobile app dav, activity streams, OpenSocial, Lotusphere 2012 and more: Episode 152 – Mobile AppDev Strategies with Graham Acres Episode 151Continue reading “It’s time for you to catch up…”

Announcing AdminDev2012

The VIEW have announced the AdminDev2012 conference which will be held in Washington, DC on May 16-18, 2012. I will be attending and am presenting two sessions, one on XPages performance and one on mobile development using XPages and the OpenNTF Mobile Controls. The list of sessions and speakers is impressive. Will you be attending?Continue reading “Announcing AdminDev2012”