Bruce Elgort

You’ll find me – an award-winning instructor at Clark College – working hard to inspire and challenge my students with meaningful web development and programming experiences. With an extra-large cup of coffee in hand, I love to tinker and test the boundaries of existing and emerging technologies, to then guide hungry minds through memorable, educational journeys to showcase with passion the ever-evolving innovations of society.

An industry leader, I’m known for co-developing Elguji’s IdeaJam software and am recognized by IBM as an ‘IBM Champion’ for being an innovative thought leader in cloud technologies. I am also an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Educational Ambassador.

I graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology in 1985 with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1990 I received a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering.

My Teaching Philosophy

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always.

(Author unknown)

Here are some more beliefs of mine:

  • We are our best selves when challenged.
  • Students gain far more from correcting their answers than from being corrected by the instructor.
  • Learning to learn will help all students pass all their classes and develop their critical thinking skills.
  • All students should pass this class, and the next, and the next.
  • He is not an answer key.
  • If he were to answer, “Is this correct?” questions from students, students will quickly get the message that they cannot trust their self-assessment skills. This is inadequate training for success on quizzes, exams, and especially in the real world, where there are no answer keys.
  • Learning is slow, and takes time and effort.
  • Asking questions is the best way to help yourself and your group.
  • Knowing why your answer is right is just as important as the answer itself.
  • Answers are best said by students.
  • Instruction should be kept simple.
  • Reflection is the only way to see our larger truths.
  • Activities should be completed by the instructor multiple times.

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Contact Me

If you have any questions, please send me an email at bruce.elgort@gmail.com.

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