Good or Bad?


Stop Telling People About Portland, Oregon!


Seth vs. IBM’s Watson

Hat tip to Tom Duff.

Innovators of Vancouver: Brandie Kajino

Chris Martin Studios recently released the next video in his “Innovators of Vancouver” series. This episode is focused on Brandie Kajino, a food writer at and all-around wonderful human. Learn more about Brandie’s food journey at


What is Node.js Exactly? – a beginners introduction to Nodejs

F*ck You, Pay Me

Today in my Business Web Practices class, I had the pleasure of sharing this video with the class. If you are a creative, a programmer or involved in any type of business you must watch Mike Monteiro’s talk:


Food Drumming with Bobby Rondinelli

Collaboration made with social. Made with IBM

Go Watch This Video Now: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown

David Leedy just produced a brilliant NotesIn9 video that all developers should go and watch now. Seriously, go and watch it.

More >

Video: Getting to Know Macaw’s Tools


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