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IBM Champion for Cloud 2018

IBM Champion Logo

This morning I received an email from IBM letting me know that I was named an IBM Champion for Cloud. I’m honored to be part of this group of technology professionals. A huge thank you to those people who nominated me for this designation.

Amazon Alexa Meets IBM Domino

I had the honor of becoming a contributor for the outstanding NotesIn9 Video Podcast produced by David Leedy. In this show, I demonstrate how I built and Amazon Alexa Skill for the IBM Domino based IdeaJam app. If you have any questions, please let me know. I would be more than happy to answer them! Thank you, David, for having me on. More videos on building Alexa Skills coming soon.

Using IBM Watson Language Translation Services with Python

Here is a very simple example using Python of calling the IBM Watson Language Translation Service. Feel free to use and modify the code as needed. You will need an IBM Bluemix account in order to use the translation service.

# CTEC 121 Intro to Programming and Problem Solving
# Bruce Elgort / Clark College
# Using IBM Watson's Language Translator
# February 27, 2016
# Revised: May 24, 2016
# Version 1.1

import requests

def cls():
    print("\n" * 5)

def translate_text(text,source,target):
    username = 'your username'
    password = 'your password'
    watsonUrl = '' + source + '&target=' + target + '&text=' + text
        r = requests.get(watsonUrl,auth=(username,password))
        return r.text
        return False

def welcome():
    message = "Welcome to the IBM Watson Translator\n"
    print(message + "-" * len(message) + "\n")
    print("Have fun!\n")

def main():

    data = input("Enter some text to be translated:\n")

    print("What language should I translate it to?")
    print("1) Spanish")
    print("2) Arabic")
    print("3) French")
    print("4) Portuguese")
    target = input("Select a language from the list above: ")

    if target == "1":
        target = 'es'
    elif target == "2":
        target = 'ar'
    elif target == "3":
        target = 'fr'
    elif target == "4":
        target = 'pt'

    results = translate_text(data,'en',target)
    print("Here is the text translated for you:")