Using the Slack API with Python – A Simple Example

Here is a simple Python program that can be used to: Test the API Get a list of Slack Users Get a list of Slack Channels Get information about a Slack Channel Post a message to Slack Channel Students in my Intro to Programming and Problems Solving class at Clark College learn how to buildContinue reading “Using the Slack API with Python – A Simple Example”

Slack Bot – Slack Channel Tone Analysis Using IBM Watson

In this video, I demonstrate how I used IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer service to analyze an entire Slack channels’ textual content history. The bot allows you to select the channel you want to have analyzed and then presents charts displaying the various tones in the channel. Slack Bot – IBM Watson Tone Analyzer Slack BotContinue reading “Slack Bot – Slack Channel Tone Analysis Using IBM Watson”

Slack: What Great Execution Looks Like

For those of you who know me, I’m a huge fan and user of Slack; both the company and the product. Here are some things that Slack has done and continues to do right: Social Media: They know how to use social media to connect with their users. They respond to every tweet and do theirContinue reading “Slack: What Great Execution Looks Like”