Are You Looking for a Change? Let’s (all) Chat

The one thing I have been doing more and more of lately is helping people find their way in the world of ever changing technology. Most of them from the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino/XPages world. As a result, I have fired up a Slack group of friends, collegues and students to talk about what I callContinue reading “Are You Looking for a Change? Let’s (all) Chat”

With only 17 lines of code

With only 17 lines of PHP code I was able to add a Slack “slash” command (/whatshot) to bring up the list of “What’s Hot” ideas from To do this I used the IdeaJam JSON API and some PHP code to produce the list you see in the picture above. Slack makes it veryContinue reading “With only 17 lines of code”

Workforce Magazine – Slack Attack: Software Designed to Delete Email

Bruce Elgort happily ditched the online discussion forums he used for three community college Web development classes he teaches and replaced them with Slack, a group chat application that’s becoming the darling of workforce communication and collaboration. … While older enterprise social networks and collaboration tools such as Chatter, Jive and Yammer reside on aContinue reading “Workforce Magazine – Slack Attack: Software Designed to Delete Email”