Replace “WordPress” with “Yellow Bubble”: An Open Letter to the WordPress Community

A few years ago, I fell in love with the WordPress community, as I have spoken about.  Even my wife sees people she has never met, as family.  The people I have had the pleasure of meeting in the WordPress community have made a dramatic impact on my life, and I thank you all, butContinue reading “Replace “WordPress” with “Yellow Bubble”: An Open Letter to the WordPress Community”

I Love to See Others in Our Community Developing New and Creative Products

A few months ago I wrote about Corey Davis’s awesome “Word Connect” app available for iOS and Android. Today, I found out that he has published an iBook entitled “Flight – A Multi-Touch Book”. Flight! tells the amazing story of how humans learned to fly. Through the use of pictures, drawings, interactive photos, and video,Continue reading “I Love to See Others in Our Community Developing New and Creative Products”

Thank you Joyce Davis

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank IBM’s Joyce Davis for her tenure as the IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Manager. I have learned so many things from Joyce over the years that it would be impossible to list them all however, the one thing that I have learned from her more than anythingContinue reading “Thank you Joyce Davis”

Our community mourns the loss of Jens-B. Augustiny

Today I received the following email from Jens-B. Augustiny’s son Herbert: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Last Saturday my father, Jens Augustiny died. You are entered in his address database and because of this you are receiving this sad news. For details please refer to the attachment. Since we are not sure whether we can addressContinue reading “Our community mourns the loss of Jens-B. Augustiny”

Podcast: ICS Tech Tweetup with Paul Mooney and Gab Davis

A quick 14:15 podcast to discuss the specifics of the IBM Collaboration Services Technical Tweetup being put together by Paul Mooney and Gab Davis on Wednesday July 18th at 6pm BST (1pm EST). The hashtag will be #icstt, and Paul and Gab will put up a page with more information next week (I will addContinue reading “Podcast: ICS Tech Tweetup with Paul Mooney and Gab Davis”