Thank you Joyce Davis

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank IBM’s Joyce Davis for her tenure as the IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Manager. I have learned so many things from Joyce over the years that it would be impossible to list them all however, the one thing that I have learned from her more than anything is to always look at the bright side of an issue or a person. Always focus on the overall good, rather than a moment of dissatisfaction.

Being a community manager can’t be an easy job. We the ICS Community have gone through several transitional times, both good, bad and even unfortunately ugly. Joyce has been there to ensure that the community as a whole remained even keeled. She provided us with the occasional “sanity check” that was sometimes needed. Joyce is “real” and she sometimes tells you things you didn’t want to hear.

All the best to Joyce in her new role in the IBM CIO’s office. You and the leadership you gave us will be missed.


Author: Bruce Elgort

You’ll find this technology professor – an award-winning instructor at Clark College – working hard to inspire and challenge his students with meaningful web development and programming experiences. With a skinny vanilla latte (no foam) in hand, Bruce loves to tinker and test the boundaries of existing and emerging technologies, to then guide hungry minds through memorable, educational journeys to showcase with passion the ever-evolving innovations of society. An industry leader, Bruce is known for co-developing Elguji’s IdeaJam software, and is recognized by IBM as an ‘IBM Champion’ for being an innovative thought leader in cloud technologies.

8 thoughts on “Thank you Joyce Davis”

  1. Well said Bruce. My brain must be stuck in first gear today. It didn’t occur to me the announcement of a new ICS Community Manager meant Joyce was moving on to a new role. Thank you for all your amazing contributions to the community over the years. You will be missed.

  2. Would completely echo your comments, Bruce. Joyce has been a wonderful community manager, advocate and friend to this community. We will miss her immensely.

    @Peter, I missed the announcement of Joyce’s successor. Do you have a link to that?

  3. Very well said Bruce. Joyce, you are definitely one of a kind. Thank you for all the commitment you have given to the community and to us Champions.

    The very best of luck on your new ventures and congratulations once again.

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