The term bubble, as I use it, refers not only to the economic bubble in which the valuation of some tech start-ups went crazy but also to the mindset of the people working inside tech companies, the true believers, and Kool-Aid drinkers, the people who live inside their own filter bubble, brimming with self-confidence and self-regard, impervious to criticism, immunized against reality, unaware of how ridiculous they appear to the outside world — Dan Lyons

This was me just a few years ago


10 thoughts on “Bubble

  1. Timothy Briley

    Bruce, you are a smart guy. Given IBM’s well known botched handling of both development and marketing, many, if not most of us knew that long term survival as a thriving community was a long shot. How could you not know this?

      1. Ben Poole

        That’s not what I’m saying: the bubble effect is absolutely a thing, I agree (and was part of one).

        I was simply referring to Lyons himself. We all remember the kind of stuff he was publishing 10+ years ago. He’s not so different from those in a “bubble” 😉

    1. Ben Poole

      Again, not denying the guy is right… I just don’t care for how he expresses himself. It’s far from “journalistic”, always reads like he has a real beef with certain groups… which is how bubbles themselves operate.

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