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Using IBM Watson Tone Analyzer with Python

Here is a sample Python program that you can use to analyze the tone of text using IBM’s Watson Tone Analysis service on Bluemix. To get started with Bluemix you can sign up at Feel free to use and modify the code as needed.

# CTEC 121 Intro to Programming and Problem Solving
# Bruce Elgort / Clark College
# Using IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer to detect and interpret emotional, social, and writing cues found in text.
# February 26, 2016
# Version 1.0

import requests
import json

def analyze_tone(text):
    username = 'your username'
    password = 'your password'
    watsonUrl = ''
    headers = {"content-type": "text/plain"}
    data = text
        r =, auth=(username,password),headers = headers,
        return r.text
        return False

def welcome():
    message = "Welcome to the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer\n"
    print(message + "-" * len(message) + "\n")
    message = "How it works"
    message = "Perhaps a bit too aggressive in your emails? Are your blog posts a little too friendly? Tone Analyzer might be able to help. The service uses linguistic analysis to detect and interpret emotional, social, and writing cues found in text."
    print("Have fun!\n")

def display_results(data):
    data = json.loads(str(data))
    for i in data['document_tone']['tone_categories']:
        print("-" * len(i['category_name']))
        for j in i['tones']:
            print(j['tone_name'].ljust(20),(str(round(j['score'] * 100,1)) + "%").rjust(10))

def main():
    data = input("Enter some text to be analyzed for tone analysis by IBM Watson (Q to quit):\n")
    if len(data) >= 1:
        if data == 'q'.lower():
        results = analyze_tone(data)
        if results != False:
            print("Something went wrong")



Slack Bot – Slack Channel Tone Analysis Using IBM Watson

In this video, I demonstrate how I used IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer service to analyze an entire Slack channels’ textual content history. The bot allows you to select the channel you want to have analyzed and then presents charts displaying the various tones in the channel.

Slack Bot – IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

Slack Bot – IBM Watson Translation Services


I’m Bringing IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson to the Classroom


I am very happy to announce that students enrolled in my “Intro to Programming and Problem Solving” class at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington will be using IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson this week in class. Students will be building a language translation program and a tone analyzer┬áprogram using the Python programming language.

Many thanks to IBM for their “Academic Initiative” program which makes it easy for educators to get access to IBM Bluemix for a limited time.

Students in my other programming language course will also soon be using Bluemix and Watson.

Stay tuned.