Amazon Alexa Meets IBM Domino

I had the honor of becoming a contributor for the outstanding NotesIn9 Video Podcast produced by David Leedy. In this show, I demonstrate how I built and Amazon Alexa Skill for the IBM Domino based IdeaJam app. If you have any questions, please let me know. I would be more than happy to answer them! Thank you, David, for having me on. More videos on building Alexa Skills coming soon.

1 thought on “Amazon Alexa Meets IBM Domino

  1. Philippe Riand

    Interesting – Too bad that we did not meet with you and David @connect this year, as some of our Darwino demos where around Alexa.
    Basically, we created a generic AWS lamba that calls a Darwino micro service, written in any JVM supported language (we used Groovy). The micro services are in fact hosted live in the playground, like:
    One of the great point of Darwino over Domino is the JSQL query capability, well suited for executing dynamic queries and craft replies for Alexa. The architecture of the micro services also allows them to be portable across over AI system, like Watson, Cortana, Siri…
    I’ll release a video soon.

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