Clark College Web Development (AAT) Degree

Here is information on the Web Development AAT degree from the Clark College Course Catalog. Many of you have written asking about this program and what it entails. Well, here you go: The Web Development AAT degree provides students with a foundational and employable skill set in web programming and development technologies as well experienceContinue reading “Clark College Web Development (AAT) Degree”

Boy Baukema: 4 HTTP Security Headers You Should Always be Using

While growing a solution works very well for discovering what works and what doesn’t, it hardly leads to a consistent and easy to apply programming model. This is especially true for security: where ideally the simplest thing that works is also the most secure, it is far too easy to introduce vulnerabilities like XSS, CSRF or Clickjacking. Because HTTP isContinue reading “Boy Baukema: 4 HTTP Security Headers You Should Always be Using”