Macaw: Stop Writing Code and Start Drawing it


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2 thoughts on “Macaw: Stop Writing Code and Start Drawing it

  1. theoriginalturtle

    About ten years ago, I dated a “developer” who worked for Fannie Mae, writing code on a system she described as “adult Colorforms” (google which). Someone since has reminded me of the actual name of the actual IDE in which she was working for $100K+, but it escapes me now.

    In late 2004, she came home from work, threw her arms around me, and said, “kiss me, I’m worth a million dollars!”

    400K of that “wealth” was in her tiny little house on a tiny little lot outside DC, and $600K was in Fannie Mae stock, which went essentially worthless in 2009 or so.

    I still never figured out what she did all day.

    Me, I was writing Lotuscript.

    “If they win, let’s throw possums at them.”

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