Podcast: Getting started with IBM Connections application development

In this episode of The Taking Notes Podcast (@takingnotespod) we talked about developing applications for IBM’s Connections social software platform. We were joined by three very special guests: Luis Benitez – IBM Product Manager (@lbenitez) Adam Brown – ISW Director (@adambrownaus) Niklas Heidloff – IBM (@nheidloff) Topics covered during the show included: Overview of the optionsContinue reading “Podcast: Getting started with IBM Connections application development”

Podcast: IBM’s Ed Brill and Trust Factory’s Wouter Aukema

On this episode of the podcast we were joined by IBM’s Ed Brill (@edbrill) and Trust Factory’s Wouter Aukema (@waukema) and talked about: The new partnership between IBM and Trust Factory first announced on Ed’s blog Trust Factory’s DNA services offerings What the partnership means for IBM customers A special offer made by Ed Ed’sContinue reading “Podcast: IBM’s Ed Brill and Trust Factory’s Wouter Aukema”

Podcast: Learning XPages with Mark Myers and Matt White

Based on his recent blog entry about learning XPages, we brought Mark Myers on the show to discuss his approach to wrapping your head around XPages, especially coming at it as a person with a strong Java background. Matt White was also on the podcast to offer the perspective of someone who has been helpingContinue reading “Podcast: Learning XPages with Mark Myers and Matt White”

Podcast: ICS Tech Tweetup with Paul Mooney and Gab Davis

A quick 14:15 podcast to discuss the specifics of the IBM Collaboration Services Technical Tweetup being put together by Paul Mooney and Gab Davis on Wednesday July 18th at 6pm BST (1pm EST). The hashtag will be #icstt, and Paul and Gab will put up a page with more information next week (I will addContinue reading “Podcast: ICS Tech Tweetup with Paul Mooney and Gab Davis”

IBM Notes/Domino mobile solutions podcast roundup

Over the last couple of months Taking Notes (@takingnotespod) has interviewed three companies who provide software, tools and services that can help you mobilize your Notes and Domino applications: We4IT’s docLinkr (Episode 159) YouAtNotes Domino To Go (Episode 158) Teamstudio’s Unplugged (Episode 151) We also recently had some other mobile related shows that you mayContinue reading “IBM Notes/Domino mobile solutions podcast roundup”

Podcast: Bring your Lotus Notes data to your mobile devices with We4IT’s docLinkr

With this episode we wrap our mini-series on mobile access for your Notes/Domino applications. Carl Tyler (@flyboytyler) filled in for the traveling Julian Robichaux to interview We4IT’s Simon Peek (@simonspeakeasy) and Christoph Adler (@cadler80) about their docLinkr product. In this 29 minute show we talked about: We4IT and what they do What docLinkr can doContinue reading “Podcast: Bring your Lotus Notes data to your mobile devices with We4IT’s docLinkr”

Infectious enthusiasm

Martin Davies left this comment on the Taking Notes podcast site for the show we did with Paul Mooney and Gabriella Davis. On the show we talked about IBM Connections and more specifically, the new Connections101.net site that Paul and Gab created: This has to be one of the best ICS podcasts I have listenedContinue reading “Infectious enthusiasm”

Podcast: Develop native mobile apps for Notes/Domino with Domino To Go

Walfred Marzahn from YouAtNotes spent 20 minutes talking to us about their “Domino To Go” product. Domino To Go allows you to create native mobile apps that can access your Notes/Domino databases. We covered: Who is YouAtNotes and what do they do? Which mobile platforms are supported How easy it is to create apps withContinue reading “Podcast: Develop native mobile apps for Notes/Domino with Domino To Go”

Podcast: jQuery in XPages with Mark Roden

Today we talked to Mark Roden about using jQuery in XPages. Topics included: Why use a JavaScript toolkit? Why use jQuery instead of (or along with) Dojo? Any considerations about using jQuery and Dojo on the same page? What are some good jQuery plugins to look at? What about jQuery for mobile web apps? HowContinue reading “Podcast: jQuery in XPages with Mark Roden”

Podcast: Ethical Hacking with Paul Mooney

Today we had Paul Mooney Blog (@pmooneynet) from Bluewave Technology on the show to talk about the “Ethical Hacking Workshop” he ran in London. We covered: Where the idea for the workshop came from What was your intention about the workshop Why it is important Mick Moignard’s blog entry about the Ethical Hacking Workshop Who the intended audience was forContinue reading “Podcast: Ethical Hacking with Paul Mooney”