Team effort = XSnippets

Last week OpenNTF introduced the XSnippets code sharing beta. XSnippets allows developers to share “code snippets” quickly and easily. XSnippets is replacing the original OpenNTF “Code Bin” that served the community for many years. Once the XSnippets beta is over the template will be made available as open source on OpenTF. XSnippets was developed byContinue reading “Team effort = XSnippets” goes mobile

YouAtNotes Software has just released a mobile iOS client app for their popular site. The app works on the iPhone and iPad and gives you access to all the great XPages community wiki articles. Not only does it give you native access to the articles but you also synchronize all of the data withContinue reading “ goes mobile”

Podcast: A View Into the World of NoSQL, with Mark Myers

Today we talked with Mark Myers from the London Developer Co-op about all things NoSQL. Topics include: The four different types of NoSQL databases Why the need for NoSQL Why NoSQL has become some popular over the last few years How the NSF has provided NoSQL type functionality for a long time Some discussion about CouchDB, MongoDB and otherContinue reading “Podcast: A View Into the World of NoSQL, with Mark Myers”

IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Meeting Replay available

Earlier this week IBM’s Niklas Heidloff and I presented all things OpenNTF to the IBM Collaboration Solutions Community. Yesterday Joyce Davis posted the replay. The MP3 file can be downloaded. An IBM Lotus Greenhouse ID is required to access the video and audio replays. I would like to thank those people who attended. The feedback was overwhelminglyContinue reading “IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Meeting Replay available”