Poll: Webinars vs. recorded videos – which do you prefer?

In the world of IBM Collaboration Solutions there are frankly a lot of great webinars taking place. However, they all seem to frequently conflict and/or overlap. So I felt that I would create the following poll:


4 thoughts on “Poll: Webinars vs. recorded videos – which do you prefer?

  1. Charles Robinson

    I don’t like webinars at all, and “none of the above” is not an option so I chose the last one.

  2. Rob McDonagh

    I’m looking for the “Neither, give me a white paper, please.” option, but I don’t see it. heh… Seriously, I don’t like video for anything other than pure entertainment. Presentations and seminars (or webinars or whatever) always go much too slowly for me – I could read the content MUCH more quickly, the content pretty much never actually REQUIRES the use of video, and I value my time too highly to spend it twiddling my thumbs.

    I realize I’m a dinosaur. Now get off my lawn, you darn kids!!!

    1. DavidLeedy (@DavidLeedy)

      Everyone learns differently. Let me just give you something to think about though….
      While the content might not always require a video, it’s sure a heck of a lot easier to create the video then some long detailed blog post with screenshots and good editing. I think a really well done blog post is much more time consuming to create then a video.

  3. Kim

    My first thought was ‘webinar’ above video presentation (not a recorded webinar), because of the interaction,but Mr Rogers commented on your FB post that both technology and other participants get in the way during a webinar and I can also agree with him. I think te message from the supplier is different and so should your reason be to follow.

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