Software migrations are like a divorce

Moving to another enterprise software stack is like a divorce: it costs a lot of money It never goes as planned There will be a lot of yelling and name calling It’s an emotional rollercoaster Having to move out into a new “stack” is scary Once it’s completed you feel great And if you decideContinue reading “Software migrations are like a divorce”

Workforce Magazine – Slack Attack: Software Designed to Delete Email

Bruce Elgort happily ditched the online discussion forums he used for three community college Web development classes he teaches and replaced them with Slack, a group chat application that’s becoming the darling of workforce communication and collaboration. … While older enterprise social networks and collaboration tools such as Chatter, Jive and Yammer reside on aContinue reading “Workforce Magazine – Slack Attack: Software Designed to Delete Email”

Congratulations Prominic.NET!

Please join me in congratulating Promnic.NET on receiving the Longevity Award at the 9th Annual Innovation Celebration awards, hosted by the Champaign, Illinois County Economic Development Corporation. These awards highlight the outstanding innovation taking place in Urbana-Champaign and throughout Champaign County. My company Elguji Software, has been a customer of Prominics’ since 2007. They have,Continue reading “Congratulations Prominic.NET!”