Completed: Microsoft Windows OS Fundamentals MTA

Earlier this week I completed the Microsoft Windows OS Fundamentals MTA exam. This marks the second MTA I have taken and passed. Next week I will be taking the Microsoft Web Development Fundamentals exam (MTA 98-363). I plan on taking over a dozen of the Microsoft exams over the next year.

Windows OS MTA Certificate


Basic Facts and Resources You Need to Know Now About Web Accessibility

Here are some great resources that my colleague Lorelle VanFossen has put together regarding web accessibility. Have a read and let me know if web accessibility is part of your design work.

Lorelle on WordPress

WordPress Themes Last night I gave a presentation for an amazing group of web designers and developers in Portland, Oregon. I spoke about web accessibility, a long time passion of mine. My co-presenter was Winslow Parker from the Oregon Commission for the Blind who has been teaching screen reading and computer techniques to the blind. He’s also a long time expert and consultant for JAWS Screen Reading Software . He also happens to be blind, so his passion for his work is tightly mixed with his passion for life and accessibility.

Glenda Watson Hyatt, author of How Pour is Your Blog free ebookAs I stood before the crowd at WebTrends, beside me in spirit are two of the world’s passionate leaders in web accessibility. Glenda Watson Hyatt, author of Blog Accessibility and the free ebook, The POUR Ebook: Standards, Tips, and Techniques for Meeting Web Accessibility Standards, and Aaron Gustafso, author of Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive…

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Craig’s Smile

Cristi Jenkins and Anni Becker, Clark College students and friends of mine, created the video “Craig’s Smile”. This video was their final project in the Clark College, CGT 201 Video Web Production class, taught by my friend Chris Martin. Born with cerebral palsy, Craig Bond has lived an exemplary life where he has not let his disabilities define who he is.

Just be yourself…

CGT 201 is a required course in the Web Development AAT program at Clark College.



Clark College Arbor Day Celebrates Trees and Technology

VANCOUVER, Wash. – On April 9 at 11:00 a.m., Clark College will celebrate both the natural and digital worlds at its annual Arbor Day event, as it adds two new trees to the campus’s beautiful arboretum and unveils a new, student-designed website that uses digital technology to catalog that arboretum. The new online map will allow visitors to instantly access descriptions of most trees on campus through their mobile devices.

The mobile-friendly online map is the product of work done by students in Clark’s spring 2013 Web Design II class. The students worked with the college’s Campus Tree Advisory Committee to identify trees in the campus’s extensive arboretum, which includes such notable trees as a six-decade-old Scarlet Oak and 100 Shirofugen blossoming cherry trees donated to the campus by Japanese businessman John Kageyama in 1990. Students then GPS-tagged each tree and added it to the map with information about its genus and species. Additional students contributed to the project in subsequent quarters, with faculty from both the Computer Graphics Technology and the Computer Technology departments providing guidance.

“I look forward to the sight of Clark College denizens and those in the community at large walking across campus consulting their phones and tablets to find the answer to ‘What kind of tree is this?'” said Computer Technology Department Head Robert Hughes, who also teaches in the Computer Graphics Technology program. “Project-based client work has been a component of our graphics and web-related curriculum for a long time.  These types of experiences are helpful as our students move into the workforce.”

Clark College Arboretum

The Spring Clark College CGT 206 Web Design II project team that developed this app were:

Gus Torres: Instructor
Project Lead: Jaime Wright
Lead Designer: Marina Kaminskaya
Lead Developer: David Edenholm
Design Assistant: Julie Morrell
Development Assistant: Teri Talbot

Additional production contributions made by students Jake Brosius, Chris Masoner, and Christine Thompson.

Additional Faculty coordination and support by Bruce Elgort, Robert Hughes and Kristl Plinz.

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What People Are Saying

Back in the 1980s when I went to college, the only way you could learn about a professor was by word of mouth. Todays students use a site called “”. After each quarter, I cautiously take a peek at this site to see what ratings my students gave me and I was humbled to see these:

“The legends say he never sleeps…” You can’t hide in Bruce’s class: he gets to know you, and what you need to succeed. I have never met a more attentive teacher, he is almost always available to help any student. Never have I felt such a sense of community , or had so much fun in a classroom. The world needs more teachers like Bruce Elgort.

Bruce is my favorite teacher at Clark. He is funny, and he makes sure to pay attention to each student. He teaches a handful of classes, so choose him when you can! Always jokes around, but is really good at what he does and will drop everything to help you. even at 3 am on Twitter. Even on final projects. Beware: Will make you feel like family.

Bruce is literally my favorite teacher at Clark. He is great at demystifying difficult subjects, and keeping the tone of the class playful. He, is always available to help students with troubleshooting projects. I would recommend anyone in the CTEC program or on the fence about joining, to take one of Bruce’s classes.

Bruce always inspires you to push the limits of what you can do in his class. He is encouraging, helpful, and understanding. He knows the abilities of all his students, pushes the advanced ones and patiently works with the beginners. I feel he is on of those rare people who makes the lives of everyone around him better for being in it.

Bruce is a great teacher. He is more concerned about his students learning than just trying to trip them up on test. He is available practically 24/7. I e-mailed once at 2:00am and had a reply in 5 minutes. I wish he taught more of my classes.

Bruce is by far the best instructors I have had. Yes the classes he teaches are challenging due to subject matter but he does what ever he can to help. This quarter he was at a family event in Denver and when I needed his help rather than wait until he returned he just sent text back and forth with me for an hour to help me and answer my questions.

RateMyProfessor Reviews for Bruce >

Technology and Blind Students

Here’s a video my friend Andrew Pennington, a student at the Washington State School for the Blind made:

Here is a some more information about my recent experience with Andrew while teaching at Clark College that was originally shared on Facebook:

What a wonderful day it has been. My job shadow student from the Washington State School for the Blind spent the day working with me on class prep, code examples, a tour of the campus and then spent 2 hours in my PHP class. The students in the PHP class made him feel part of the class. He also shared with the class his plans for becoming a programmer and his plans to attend WSU. He was also very witty, which for those of you who know my PHP students, fit in perfectly

Another thing that truly struck a chord with me was that he has the same visual acuity as I do. Throughout the day I kept flashing back to myself at his age.

Again, what an awesome experience it was to host him at Clark College — Vancouver, Washington today.

You can also follow Andrew on Twitter.

Clark College Web Development (AAT) Degree

Here is information on the Web Development AAT degree from the Clark College Course Catalog. Many of you have written asking about this program and what it entails. Well, here you go:

The Web Development AAT degree provides students with a foundational and employable skill set in web programming and development technologies as well experience and skills in web design and media associated with the World Wide Web. Essential skills are developed through practical hands-on experience, real client project work, a focus on professional skills and building a portfolio of work.

General Education Requirements
Human Relations (5 credits required)
5 credits
or CMST&230
5 credits
Computational Skills (5 credits required)
CTEC 121
5 credits
or ENGL 135
5 credits
Communication Skills (5 credits required)
5 credits
Major Area Requirements
Web Foundations
CTEC 160
5 credits
ENGL 160
3 credits
CTEC 122
4 credits
CGT 106
3 credits
Web Media
CGT 101
4 credits
CGT 104
4 credits
CGT 201
4 credits
Web Design
CGT 105
4 credits
CGT 205
4 credits
CGT 206
4 credits
CTEC 165
4 credits
CGT 214
4 credits
or CTEC 199
1-5 credits
or CGT 240
4 credits
Web Development
CTEC 260
5 credits
CTEC 126
5 credits
CTEC 127
5 credits
CTEC 227
5 credits
CTEC 228
5 cr.
CTEC 145
5 credits

Interview with Bruce Elgort: WordPress for Networking

ClarkWP WordPress Magazine

The following is an interview with Bruce Elgort, a teacher here at Clark College He teaches PHP and other web programming classes in the Computer Technology Department. I chose to interview Bruce because I wanted his perspective as a user of WordPress for networking. I chose my questions to fit under the theme of “How is WordPress useful?” This is a question that many people who don’t plan to use WordPress specifically for business might have, so I thought it was an important topic to cover.

A photo of Bruce Elgort.Bruce Elgort (@belgort) served as the Chairman of OpenNTF, the preeminent open source community for the IBM Collaboration Solutions development platform from 2001-2013. He is also the co-creator of IdeaJam, the award winning idea management software from Elguji Software, where he serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. You can hear Bruce regularly as the co-host of the Taking Notes podcast.


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Interested in taking your PHP/SQL to the next level?

During the Spring Quarter at Clark College, I will be teaching “PHP with SQL II”. This class is a continuation of “PHP with SQL I” . Several people from the Clark County community have asked me if this course can be taken for those wanting to improve their PHP and MySQL chops. My answer is a resounding – YES! I would love to see you in this class. Now, there are only a few seats left and I would suggest signing up sooner rather than later.

In order to be successful in the class you will need to have a firm grasp on HTML/CSS/PHP and MySQL. Interested? Contact me using the info to the right of this post.

I look forward to hearing from you.