Replays of some app dev webinars you may have missed

Back in May OpenNTF launched it’s very own webinar series:

OpenNTF hosts one webinar per month on various IBM Collaboration Solutions app dev topics. This includes sessions about OpenNTF projects, but also other educational, not open source related topics. We’ve planned to cover the wider range of ICS technologies, especially XPages and IBM Connections.

The IBM Collaboration Solutions App Dev Community


Getting Started with XPages


OpenNTF Domino API

Replays of all the videos are available on the OpenNTF YouTube channel. You can also see a list of upcoming webinars on the “webinars” page of OpenNTF.

1 thought on “Replays of some app dev webinars you may have missed

  1. Rocky Oliver

    I got a kick out of seeing that first video (or, the static pic it shows before you run it). Why, you may ask? Because, if I’m not mistaken, the template used for that presentation is based on the ooooooold ADVISOR Devon Powerpoint template!

    Hey, if something works, why mess with it? (OK, that was probably dumb to say to a community of geeks who make their respective livings by “messing with” apps… 🙂 )

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