Chris Martin Studios: Haiti 2012 Mission Trip Recap

Many of you may know Chris Martin who co-presneted the “Social Business Super Hero” session with me at Lotusphere 2011. While Chris really wanted to be at Lotusphere 2012 he was unable to attend due to his participation in the Grace Foursquare 2012 Haiti Mission Trip focusing on the Torcelle orphanage construction.

Here is the four minute recap Chris prepared which is well worth time watching:



Podcast: Teamstudio Unplugged, with Nigel Cheshire and Craig Schumann

In Episode 151 Julian Robichaux and I talk with Teamstudio about their Unplugged product which is a tool that helps you mobilize (as in mobile smartphones) your IBM Lotus Domino applications. Nigel Cheshire, president and CEO of Teamstudio, and Craig Schumann, Teamstudio senior developer talk about:

  • The rise of Apple and iOS in the enterprise
  • The rise of XPages in the Lotus developer world
  • Teamstudio’s approach for adding a mobile interface to Domino apps
  • Replicating data to and from a device for offline use
  • Choosing a strategy for mobilizing your apps, to make sure your project is successful
  • And more…

This episode runs 34:00.

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Podcast: Activity Streams of the Future, with Alan Lepofsky

Last Thursday Julian Robichaux and I spoke with Alan Lepofsky, analyst at Constellation Research Group, about the current and future state of Activity Streams in the enterprise. Our discussion included:

  • What’s the difference between streams of information like Facebook and Twitter, and what we’ll see in business in the coming months and years?
  • Considerations about filters, and making sure important information gets seen
  • How does analytics play into all this?
  • Is there truly “one stream to rule them all”, or does certain information need to be siloed?
  • What about my inbox?!?
  • Where will mobile devices fit into this picture?
  • Once this all gets going, what are some of the advantages (obvious or not) with having a stream-friendly enterprise?

For more on what Alan has to say on the subject, also check out his Making Activity Streams More Manageable blog post from last week, and find him on Twitter at @alanlepo.

This show runs 41:14.

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PIE: What makes a good PIE company?

You may have listened to the podcast we did with Rick Turoczy who is part of the Portland Incubator Experiment also known as “PIE” back in August 2011. Well, the recent PIE class had their “demo day” back on January 17, 2012 and all of their presentations are now available for you to watch.

Before you watch these videos I wanted to let you know that applications for the next PIE class are now open and will close on February 24, 2012.

Here are the links to the 8 class graduates videos in alphabetical order:









Rick will be joining us once again for a Taking Notes podcast to talk more about PIE and about all the great things the last class came up with.

Podcast: Learn about OpenSocial with Ryan Baxter and Mikkel Heisterberg

In this episode of Taking Notes Julian Robichaux and I talk about all things OpenSocial with Ryan Baxter of IBM and Mikkel Heisterberg of IntraVision. We talk about:

  • What is OpenSocial? How did it get started?
  • How is IBM involved? How can I get involved?
  • How is IBM leveraging OpenSocial?
  • What is Apache Shindig and how is it connected to OpenSocial?
  • What are the advantages to building OpenSocial gadgets over existing technologies? Will I be able to leverage XPages?
  • How do I get started building gadgets?
  • What about the community? Is there a community built around OpenSocial, should the ICS community become involved?
  • How can we also leverage the OpenNTF community?
  • Where else can I leverage OpenSocial outside of embedded experiences?
  • What other companies are involved in OpenSocial?
  • What does IBM need from the ICS community when it comes to OpenSocial?

Also, here are some links to a few of the things we discussed in the podcast: the OpenSocial website, the OpenSocial sandbox, and Ryan’s Lotusphere slides.

You can watch the Lotusphere 2012 Social App Throwdown video where you can see OpenSocial in action.

This episode runs 43:12.

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Podcast: Interview with Alistair Rennie IBM General Manager of Collaboration Solutions

Julian Robichaux and I had the pleasure of interviewing IBM Collaboration Solutions General Manager Alistair Rennie (Twitter), where we talked about:

  • Lotusphere! Specifically, the evolution of Lotus/IBM products we saw demonstrated there last week.
  • What’s driving improvements in the Notes/Domino platform for 2012.
  • Why is “social” so important to businesses right now? What has changed in the past few years to make it relevant?
  • Are traditional desktop applications going away, in favor of mobile and web initiatives?
  • What kind of feedback and takeaways did Alistair get from Lotusphere?
  • And more…

The podcast runs 24:06 and is best listened to while eating one or more pretzel cookies.

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