Video Training for IBM Connections

I’m happy to announce that I have been hired by to author a video series entitled “Up and Running with IBM Connections”.  I have been collaborating with IBM’s Luis Benitez on this effort and he has been great to work with. My producer at Lynda, Jonathan Sears is awesome as well. I have to say that the experience has been amazing. A huge hat tip also to my friend Jess Stratton for hooking me up with and for being an amazing coach and resource. Stay tuned.

Interested in a 7 day free trial of Click on the image below to get started.

7-day free trial



  1. […] I am flying down to Carpenteria, California to record the “Up and Running with IBM Connections” video learning series for The current course outline has some 35+ videos […]

  2. […] the rest of IT), learning never ends. Hopefully I soon will have time to sit down and view some courses at as well as watch some of David Leedy’s excellent Notes-in-9 tutorials, to improve my skills […]

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