We Made it Onto the “Best List”

SEATTLE — Nine Washington community colleges, including Clark College in Vancouver, are on list of the 150 best in the nation. The Aspen College Excellence Program picks its top 150 by doing a data review. It picks the schools that show the most student success, in term of persistence, completion and transfer. The program wants to seeContinue reading “We Made it Onto the “Best List””

I’m Very Proud

Recent Clark College Web Development graduate Troy Uyan was part of a five person team that designed and developed the new Clark County website. Troy graduated with a degree in web development and was a student in my HTML Fundamentals, Intro to Programming, JavaScript, PHP/SQL 1 and PHP/SQL 2 classes. Troy initially served as anContinue reading “I’m Very Proud”

Why Feedback Matters

It’s now been a little over a week since the Fall Quarter ended at Clark College and it’s time to review anonymous feedback students left on the popular RateMyProfessors.com site. Now, this post may see a bit “ASW-ish”, but when you truly enjoy what you are doing and you are making an impact on peoplesContinue reading “Why Feedback Matters”

Three Years as a College Professor

This month I completed my third year as a professor at Clark College, located in Vancouver, Washington. Here are the courses I have taught: HTML Fundamentals (CTEC 122) JavaScript (CTEC 126) Intro to Programming and Problem Solving with Python (CTEC 121) PHP with SQL 1 (CTEC 127) PHP with SQL 2 (CTEC 227) Business WebContinue reading “Three Years as a College Professor”

And that’s a wrap…

I would like to thank the following people for volunteering to speak to my Business Web Practices class at Clark College during the Fall 2015 quarter: Week 1 – Craig Ebersol of Clark College / Heidi Johnson Bixby of Johnson Bixby and Associates Week 2 – Tocarra Stark, Communications and Marketing of Clark College WeekContinue reading “And that’s a wrap…”

Winter 2016 Registration Now Open at Clark College

Registration for the Winter 2016 quarter at Clark College is now open. If you are a current student I highly encourage you to register for your classes sooner rather than later. If you are new ew to Clark and are thinking about taking some classes this Winter, I suggest that you visit the college andContinue reading “Winter 2016 Registration Now Open at Clark College”

Here’s what I am teaching this winter at Clark College

For the winter quarter I will be teaching the following courses at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington: CTEC 121: Intro to Programming and Problem Solving (Python) – 5 credits CTEC 122: HTML Fundamentals (HTML/HTML5/CSS) – 4 credits CTEC 127: PHP/MySQL 1 – 5 credits If you are interested in taking any of these classes please letContinue reading “Here’s what I am teaching this winter at Clark College”

This is why I teach at Clark College

I just received this message from a graduate of the Clark College Web Development program: Hey Bruce! Just wanted to say hi and give you an update. I’ve been at my front end developer job for almost three months and I received an awesome 90 day review from my employer (they had nothing bad toContinue reading “This is why I teach at Clark College”

My Fall 2015 Schedule at Clark College

Here is my class schedule for the fall 2015 quarter: Monday – API & Advanced Integration (CTEC 228) 6:30-8:50PM, room SHL 124 Tuesday/Thursday – Intro to Programming and Problem Solving (CTEC 121) 10:30AM-12:50PM, room SHL 125 Tuesday/Thursday – Business Web Practices (CTEC 165) 4:00-5:50pm, room SHL 125 (Tueday) / Foster Auditorium (Thursday) Check the Clark College website toContinue reading “My Fall 2015 Schedule at Clark College”