Your Feedback is Requested

Students evaluate every academic quarter a tenure candidate at Clark College through anonymous surveys. My Dean also sends out an email to tenured faculty to solicit feedback. I’m thankful for both the student and faculty evaluation feedback that I receive. Typically 95% of my students elect to provide feedback. As for faculty, I had 4 of them provide feedback this quarter.

At my last tenure meeting, I asked, “what about feedback from other people at the college and within the community/world at large.” The committee stated that there was nothing wrong in soliciting it and including it in your “tenure binder.”

Given this, I put together a Google Form that I would ask you to complete. You should only submit feedback if my work at Clark College has impacted you, a family member, friend, relative, or whatever in some way.

Here’s the link to the form:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form. 


Author: Bruce Elgort

You’ll find this technology professor – an award-winning instructor at Clark College – working hard to inspire and challenge his students with meaningful web development and programming experiences. With a skinny vanilla latte (no foam) in hand, Bruce loves to tinker and test the boundaries of existing and emerging technologies, to then guide hungry minds through memorable, educational journeys to showcase with passion the ever-evolving innovations of society. An industry leader, Bruce is known for co-developing Elguji’s IdeaJam software, and is recognized by IBM as an ‘IBM Champion’ for being an innovative thought leader in cloud technologies.

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