My slide decks from AdminDev2012

Last week I traveled to Washington, DC to participate in the AdminDev2012 conference being sponsored by The View. In addition to delivering two sessions on XPages, I was also part of a keynote panel of “IBM Champions”. All in all the conference was an excellent opportunity to interact with IBM ICS customers. I also had the opportunity to sit in on some great sessions being delivered by the other speakers.

The conference was also a blast from the past as there were several people who stopped by the conference to participate in the Washington, DC Lotus User Group. It was great to see Kevin Pettitt, Jack Dausman, David Gursky, Chris Byrne and many others.

Here are the slide decks from my sessions. Let me know if you have any questions about them.

Mobilizing Your XPages Applications

XPages Performance Tips

Julian Robichaux and I were also able to record a podcast with XPages masters Russ Maher and Paul Calhoun. Be sure and check it out.

UPDATE: Link to US Airports IBM Notes database (NSF)

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      1. Bruce Elgort Post author

        Patrick – the links seems to be working fine for me. Let me know if it still continues to be a problem.

  1. sam sem

    Hello Bruce ,
    I want to thank you because I am trying to make a mobile application with xpages and your presentation was so helpful.
    But the link didn’t work for me, can u re-share it or send it to me by mail.

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