Podcast: Talking with the XPages “Masters”

Last week at the AdminDev2012 conference in Washington, DC Julian Robichaux and I were able to get a few minutes to talk with XPages “masters” Russ Maher (@russelmaher) and Paul Calhoun (@ptcalhoun). In our 21 minute interview we talked about:

  • What are people wanting to learn about XPages?
  • The XPages Bootcamps
  • How “hot” is XPages mobile dev?
  • XPages in the Notes Client (XPiNC)
  • Will knowledge of XPages development help you learn Websphere/J2EE?
  • XPages learning resources including XPages101 and TLCC
  • and much more…

Listen now >

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Talking with the XPages “Masters”

    1. Bruce Elgort Post author

      Yes! And David Leedy’s inability to make BBQ brisket to Paul’s Texas standards.

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