Interviewing Using Skype Pro Tips

  1. Use the Skype Echo / Sound Test Service to test out your audio prior to your interview
  2. Remove any visual distractions that may focus attention away from you in the background
  3. Have good lighting in the room so that the people interviewing you can see you
  4. Angle your webcam so it shows your face dead-on
  5. Limit tapping, movement and other things that may cause audio distractions
  6. Remove pets from the room
  7. Try and not use Wifi. Use an Ethernet connection.
  8. Use a headset
  9. Close all other applications running on your PC/Mac
  10. Turn off notifications or other pop-ups
  11. Have a test call with a friend prior to your interview to check items 1-10 above. If you have no friends, call me.