Zoom Meeting Settings and Other Helpful Info for Teachers and Instructors

Here’s a list of things that you can do to make for a better Zoom online meeting experience. If you have any additional things you would recommend, please leave a comment. In Zoom’s settings do the following: Turn on: The Waiting Room feature Set up a meeting password The “Remove uninvited participant” feature Turn off:Continue reading “Zoom Meeting Settings and Other Helpful Info for Teachers and Instructors”

Zoom Meeting Code of Conduct Suggestions

Here are some things to consider adding to your Zoom Meeting, or any other virtual meetings “Code of Conduct”. Do you have some that you would add? If you do, please let me know by leaving a comment. Hat tip to BDS Consulting in Seattle for allowing me to share some of their bullet points.Continue reading “Zoom Meeting Code of Conduct Suggestions”

Online Interviewing Using Zoom and Skype Pro Tips

Use the Skype Echo / Sound Test Service to test out your audio prior to your schedule interview. Remove any visual distractions that may focus attention away from you in the background. Have good lighting in the room so that the people interviewing you can see you. Angle your webcam so it shows your faceContinue reading “Online Interviewing Using Zoom and Skype Pro Tips”