3 Things I Took Away from IBM Connect Watching from Afar

Here are the three biggest things that resonated for me most about IBM Connect 2014. Keep in mind that I wasn’t there, but I was watching via the LiveStreams, tweets and other social venues: IBM Connections is now the flagship product for IBM Collaboration Solutions (or as it’s now known “Smarter Workforce”). All hail theContinue reading “3 Things I Took Away from IBM Connect Watching from Afar”

From the OpenNTF Way Back Machine

While cleaning up my Mac today I found this oldie but goodie from 2002: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  OpenNTF.org Releases OpenNTF Mail V1.0 for Lotus Notes 6  Vancouver, WA – October 15, 2002 – OpenNTF.org has announced OpenNTF Mail Version 1.0 for Lotus Notes 6.  OpenNTF Mail is based on the standard Lotus Notes 6 mailContinue reading “From the OpenNTF Way Back Machine”