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Yesterday I wrote a blog entry entitled “This is exactly what IBM Connections needs“. The entry now has over 20 comments and there is a comment by my friend and collegue Adam Brown that stands out. Adam and his company ISW produce several software products for IBM Connections including Kudos Badges and Kudos Boards.

Here is what Adam wrote:

I have been watching this conversation with interest. Now that Daniele has been so complimentary around Kudos (Thanks for the feedback Daniele) I can’t help but get involved.

From my perspective IBM Connections/SmartCloud Connections are already platforms for Apps. I am actually very excited about what IBM is delivering in this space.

Can users build Apps/Utilities like Bruce describes? No not yet. But there is nothing stopping ISV’s from building great solutions that extend Connections. I agree there is a place for user built apps in Connections (and we are already thinking about that with team Kudos!). I have more ideas for solutions built on and around Connections than we can possibly execute on!!!

Has IBM provided everything that App developers need yet? No not yet. But they have done a lot and it is improving all the time. I see Connections 4.x like Notes version 3-4. The ecosystem around Notes 4 was just getting started. Some great ISV’s started to built neat apps. Soon after it really started to get some momentum. Connections is the same. There are some great solutions, a few ISV’s building specifically for Connections, but quite a few intergrating their solutions into Connections. This market is developing most certainly, and has a way to go, but it is progressing well.

Anyway I am of the camp that Connections is becoming a platform for 3rd party Apps. I know IBM is encouraging this and if you reach out to them are very supportive.

Personally, I love the work that ISW has done with their Kudos products. Now the question becomes: “How can an ecosystem of more than a handful of ISV’s develop, that produces apps for IBM Connections?”. This is something I would love to see.


Author: Bruce Elgort

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2 thoughts on “Read What Adam Brown Says About IBM Connections App Dev”

  1. Hi Bruce, I’m curious… is anyone seeing IBM Connections really getting traction? I’ve only encountered one company that had it installed, and on a project where I collaborated with their IT folks no one even mentioned it (I would’ve expected the team to be saying stuff like “did you see the latest in the Connections activity stream” or “go there to get a file”). Instead everything was communicated in emails, phone calls,and ST chats. And this was not a mom & pop shop, but a large,well-known company with a skilled and technical IT group. What are others seeing?

    1. Hello Don,

      here in Italy we’ve quite a number of opportunities. The real difference is in “adoption” and that’s the hard part.

      To me the “social” message is the misleading part. Every business analyst/marketer is talking about “Social” as the differentiator while on the other side SMBs and Enterprises are still struggling with every day IT governance.

      Adding “social” into the equation is slowed down by:

      – The interest in selling “like / share” as a feature more than helping customers understand how that kind of behaviour can improve the company results.
      – Skepticism about people wasting their time in liking other people stuff.

      This leads to the difference:

      A mail platform has a well defined adoption path (or so everybody thiks), in the same way an application platform has a quite well defined adoption path (or so everybody thinks).

      Connections on the other hand is some “middleware” (the connections platform) with some modules out of the box (Communities, Profiles, Forums, Wikis, etc etc.)

      Connections out of the box is “closed to itself” but as a platform is really open for integations.

      The shift here is to move from building apps (like we did on domino) to build “integrations” that link “classic” o “new” applications to the Connections Activity Stream (think like it is a “People information bus” built to improve email communication in a streaming/realtime manner),

      To me Social business makes sense in terms of Knowledge Management 2.0 and Business Process 2.0 so I don’t want to build new apps on connections I want to be aple to QUICKLY create links between people and existing applications to let “better processes” emerge.

      We’re applying this kind of approach with our customers. It seems to pay off.

      Components like Kudos Suite add a lot of value to Connections.

      I’m looking forward to have SugarCRM Widgets in context of communities.
      I’m looking to be able to integrate SAAS products like (Evernote,Podio, name your own) in a seamless way. The infrastructure is there.

      Better documentation / real world samples are needed.

      Then the sky is the limit.

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