IBM Will Beat Amazon Web Services Because Process Beats Product

With all of the AWS projects I have been involved with lately, I found this article quite interesting:

IBM will eventually beat Amazon Web Services, writes columnist Rob Enderle, but not because AWS has an inferior product. In many ways, AWS is better than IBM’s cloud offering. But Big Blue’s experience with enterprise customers, not to mention the federal government, shows that great businesses processes often beat great products.

What are your thoughts on the IBM acquisition of SoftLayer and do you think IBM will win the “battle”?

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  1. Bryan Schmiedeler says:

    I have learned after 15 years in tech to totally, and I mean TOTALLY, ignore whatever Rob Enderle writes. He is an idiot.

    I have followed Apple tech for over 15 years. I am not a fanboy, I program Notes, RPG, Objective C, web. Like Apple’s products, but they are not perfect. But Enderle has been so wrong about Apple for so long one really has to question his sanity.

    Really, google Enderle and Apple and critics or something like that and take a look….

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