That Makes 14 Microsoft MTA’s

Today I completed two more Microsoft Certified Technology Associate (MTA) exams. The tests were the “Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript (Exam 98-382) and “Introduction to Programming with Using Block-Based Languages (98-380)”. The JavaScript exam focused on the following: Program with JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords Program with Variables, Data Types, and Functions Implement and AnalyzeContinue reading “That Makes 14 Microsoft MTA’s”

That Makes 12 Microsoft MTA’s

Today I completed my twelfth Microsoft Certified Technology Associate (MTA) exam. The test was the “Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS (Exam 98-383). This exam focussed on the following: Understand HTML Fundamentals Understand CSS Fundamentals Structure Documents Using HTML Present Multimedia Using HTML Style Web Pages Using CSS Here is a list of theContinue reading “That Makes 12 Microsoft MTA’s”

9 Microsoft MTA’s Now Completed

Today I completed my ninth Microsoft Certified Technology Associate (MTA) exam. The test was the “Cloud Fundamentals (Exam 98-369). This exam focussed on the following: Understand the cloud Enable Microsoft cloud services Administer Office 365 and Microsoft Intune Use and configure Microsoft cloud services Support cloud users Here is a list of the MTA’s thatContinue reading “9 Microsoft MTA’s Now Completed”

Completed: Microsoft Security Fundamentals MTA Exam

Today I took and passed the Microsoft Security Fundamentals MTA exam. This is the fifth MTA I have taken since February. The next test I plan on taking is the Networking Fundamentals MTA. After that exam it’s onto the app dev series of exams. These MTA’s lead to the Microsoft Certified Software Developer certification. TheContinue reading “Completed: Microsoft Security Fundamentals MTA Exam”

Completed: Two More Microsoft MTA Exams

Today I took and passed the following two Microsoft MTA exams: 98-363: Microsoft Web Development Fundamentals (C#) 98-364: Microsoft Database Administration Fundamentals This makes a total of four Microsoft MTA exams that I have taken. I plan on taking the Networking Fundamentals and Security Fundamentals exams next week. After those two I will take theContinue reading “Completed: Two More Microsoft MTA Exams”