So what’s there to complain about here?

On the Harvard Business Review Blog:

and when you click through:

If you then click through the various tabs you will learn that IBM isn’t only trying to market a single product and/or service (say IBM Connections) but offers some substantive services (and products) that in my humble opinion show the business and technical breadth needed to truly tackle some of todays business problems.

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Infectious enthusiasm

Martin Davies left this comment on the Taking Notes podcast site for the show we did with Paul Mooney and Gabriella Davis. On the show we talked about IBM Connections and more specifically, the new site that Paul and Gab created:

This has to be one of the best ICS podcasts I have listened to in a long time. No sideways swipes, just great infectious enthusiasm  built on an established deep technical foundation and amazing willingness to share.  I echo Sean Cull’s thoughts 100%, upto now I have backed away from Connections simly because I had no idea where to start and couldn’t stomach the thought of burning hours and going nowhere – this will be a massive help.  This is a great project – congratulations to Paul and Gab.

Episode 153: Connections 101 with Paul Mooney and Gab Davis >

Podcast: Connections101 with Gab Davis and Paul Mooney

Gab Davis and Paul Mooney talk about their new website, a project to document the steps involved with building an IBM Connections server from scratch using a “module-based” approach. In the podcast they discuss:

  • What motivated you to do this in the first place?
  • What kinds of questions are customers asking about Connections?
  • Is it really that complicated of a product to set up?
  • What is the difference between Connections101 and the IBM wikis?
  • Do IBM Lotus Notes and Domino customers already have an entitlement to IBM Connections?
  • And much more…

You can contact Paul and Gab directly via their websites ( and or on Twitter at @pmooneynet and @gabturtle.

Episode 153 runs 35:00.

Listen now >