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1 thought on “Now Available > Macaw: Stop writing code, start drawing it

  1. theoriginalturtle

    Bruce, an ex-GF of mine worked for Fannie Mae ten years ago. She referred to her job as “playing with ColorForms.”.
    I don’t know what IDE she was working in, but anyone who worked on it since, if I mention “ColorForms,” if they’re of a certain age, they know what I’m talking about. Apparently, it was an attempt to make OO development accessible to college grads who had never learned C++.

    Me, when I hear “drawing” in relation to software dev, I remember Domino Workflow or some of what Casahl was doing with Replic-Action.

    I’m old. I need to go learn winemaking or welding.


    PS: when I was still with her, in 2005, that same ex came home one night and met me at the door.

    “Kiss me!”

    “Why, now, in particular?”

    “I’m worth a MILLION DOLLARS!”

    As it turned out, she was worth that on paper, thanks to holding about $500K in Fannie Mae stock, and in her radically-overvalued 2BR home outside DC. I assume that after FNMA went bankrupt and had to be bailed out, and then the 2008 housing crash, some later boyfriend met her at the door and she said “Kiss me, I’m worth 183,700!”

    “If they win, let’s throw possums at them.”

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