Coming Soon – Bruce and Steve’s Coding School

Sometime in February 2014, Steve McDonagh and I will be launching an online coding school. I hear you saying “Bruce, there are tons of these available already. Why would you do this?”. Well, let me tell you why. Our school will hold one class at a time and will be limited to twenty students. Ten of them will work with Steve and ten of them will work with me.

Our first course “Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery” will be ten weeks in duration. We will be using an online Learning Management System and there will be homework (lots of it), quizzes, graded discussions and a final project. Let me tell you, the course won’t be easy but, if you work hard you will come out with an awesome set of foundational JavaScript skills. Steve and I will be there every step of the way for extra help via online meetings, Skype calls etc. Whatever it takes for you to succeed in our course – we will be there along the way.

Upon completion of the class, attendees can make a $50 donation that will be given to charity if they wish.

Enrollment will open starting in January. Stay tuned for more information and for a list of other courses we plan on offering.