Clark College Web Developer Extension for Firefox

There is now a browser extension for students enrolled in the Clark College Web Development program. The extension provides useful links and resources.

Install the extension from the Firefox Addons site.

Here’s the GitHub repo for those who want to see how it was built.

Not using Firefox? Well, there’s also a version of the extension for Chrome-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge.


Canvas LMS Dark Mode extension for Google Chrome

A student recently shared this Google Chrome extension that makes the Canvas Learning Management System appear in “dark mode”.

Dark mode for Canvas. Staying up late doing homework? Reduce your eye strain and keep your circadian rhythm with this Dark mode for canvas!  Canvas dark mode should work for your school, if it does not, contact me and I can update the plugin to include your school's URL! Currently, dark mode for canvas works on any "*" domain.