Video: This technique might help you with your CS50P Conditionals Problem Set

In this video, you will learn how to make a simple program that simulates deposits and withdrawals from a bank account. The user will enter commands like “deposit 100” or “withdraw 59.99”. The program demonstrates how to use the Python .split() string method, while loops, conditionals, and more.


Returning to Clark College Fall 2022

I will return to Clark College to lead and teach the Web Development program this fall. It will mark the start of my 11th year teaching full-time and my 3rd year on Tenure-Track. New this term is that students enrolled in my Python courses will have the opportunity to earn a certificate from Harvard University simultaneously (CS50P). How cool is that? Come to Clark College and earn a certificate from Harvard! I will share more information on what’s in store for me shortly.

“How to Canvas” – The YouTube Channel for Teachers Using the Canvas LMS

The How to Canvas channel is dedicated to helping teachers enhance their abilities as they navigate the Canvas LMS. Discover tips and tricks of the platform as we create and curate content, enable settings, embed technology, and design teaching and learning communities for our students. Have fun exploring Canvas with me and make sure to subscribe so you can become a Canvas expert.

YouTube Channel:

There’s also an accompanying website at

Video: My CS50P Final Project Presentation

This video demonstrates the output created by a Python program I developed for the Harvard CS50P course that I recently completed. It takes closed caption files and can generate HTML, Markdown or Text. You can also use this application to create clickable transcripts which can be embedded in WordPress or a learning management system such as Canvas.