Podcast: IBM’s SmartCamp Program for Entrepreneurs with Mike Riegel

On Episode 143 of Taking Notes we interview IBM’s Mike Riegel (@mikeriegel, LinkedIn, Blog), Vice President – ISVs, Startups, Developers, and Academic Programs. We talked about IBM’s SmartCamp program and what it’s all about. Topics included: When people think about Big Blue, start up companies isn’t something that comes to mind. So when I heardContinue reading “Podcast: IBM’s SmartCamp Program for Entrepreneurs with Mike Riegel”

Taking Notes: The start of year 7

It’s hard to believe that Julian and I have been producing Taking Notes for six years now. Geez, it’s hard to imagine doing anything for 6 years nowadays! During 2011 we produced 14 shows, not nearly the number we have produced in prior years however, the shows we have done have had commendable download stats.Continue reading “Taking Notes: The start of year 7”

Podcast: A View Into the World of NoSQL, with Mark Myers

Today we talked with Mark Myers from the London Developer Co-op about all things NoSQL. Topics include: The four different types of NoSQL databases Why the need for NoSQL Why NoSQL has become some popular over the last few years How the NSF has provided NoSQL type functionality for a long time Some discussion about CouchDB, MongoDB and otherContinue reading “Podcast: A View Into the World of NoSQL, with Mark Myers”