Use What You Have

Have you ever noticed when someone shares something amazing, people always want to know what they used to create it? Photographers get asked what lens they used, illustrators get asked about brushes, painters get asked about brands of paint. In this week’s episode of Getting Work To Work, Chris Martin talks about the value of using what you have today to create your work. Not what you wish you had or what you might have in the future, what you have today.

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1 thought on “Use What You Have

  1. blanghinrichs

    Ironically, authors are one sort of creators who don’t get asked this a lot. Few people believe that my version of Word wrote the book for me. On the other hand, people jump to the next step and assume that you must have experienced whatever you are writing, that you couldn’t possibly have simply created it. You’d think writing about 11 year old trolls would avoid that, but…

    I have never understood the focus people put on the tools of the trade. A great photographer can use a cheap instant camera and get compelling photos. The tools help, but far less than experience, a good eye and the patience and knowledge of how to capture a notable image.

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