Highlights from Lotusphere 2012

Here is a list of some of the highlights from my Lotusphere 2012:

  • Meeting for the first time in person people from my online “social circles” (you know who you are).
  • Seeing lots of first time Lotusphere attendees.
  • Broad based adoption of XPages.
  • Co-presenting with IBM’s Charlie Hill and Phil Riande.
  • Co-presenting with IBM’s Niklas Heidloff.
  • The Great Geek Challenge (our team actually won a round).
  • Having a full-house at the OpenNTF BoF.
  • Meeting so many OpenNTF fans at the OpenNTF pedestal in the Product Showcase and throughout the show.
  • Participating in GBS College Day.
  • Winning a Kindle Fire from GBS.
  • Knowing how to finally read the ICS “tea leaves”.
  • Seeing IBM Connections move front and center of the ICS product portfolio.
  • Participating in “Team Social” spearheaded by Joyce Davis and Colleen Burns.
  • SpeedGeeking was a blast. I also used this as an opportunity to gauge both Taking Notes podcast listenership as well as OpenNTF awareness. I was very pleased that 75% of the participants listened to Taking Notes and 95% knew about OpenNTF (humbled).
  • The Blogger Golf Open (I scored 44).
  • Seeing and hearing about OpenNTF everywhere.
  • Seeing Twitter being used in many sessions including the Ask the Product Managers and Ask the Developers sesssoins for people not in attendance to ask questions.
  • Ed Brill and Brent Peters moderating the Ask the Product Managers and Ask the Developers session respectively.
  • Seeing Elguji Software highlighted in the Opening General Session for their XPages app dev work as well as for being named a Finalist in the 2012 ICS Awards.
  • Knowing that success in the ICS world is getting outside “the bubble” and the Planet Lotus “What’s Hot”.
  • Participating in several ICS Executive briefings (mostly app dev related).

Author: Bruce Elgort

You’ll find this technology professor – an award-winning instructor at Clark College – working hard to inspire and challenge his students with meaningful web development and programming experiences. With a skinny vanilla latte (no foam) in hand, Bruce loves to tinker and test the boundaries of existing and emerging technologies, to then guide hungry minds through memorable, educational journeys to showcase with passion the ever-evolving innovations of society. An industry leader, Bruce is known for co-developing Elguji’s IdeaJam software, and is recognized by IBM as an ‘IBM Champion’ for being an innovative thought leader in cloud technologies.

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