Domino Designer 9.0

Yeap it’s true, Domino Designer 9.0 has arrived. That is our dog “Domino Designer” (yes we named our dog that back in 2002). Domino has finally surpassed Lotus product version numbers with this birthday.

While Domino Designer has moved on from developing Notes/Domino doggie apps for his customer base, he now is heavily involved in the development of DogOS for the local cat community. Most of his work is still under NDA however, his PR agency says that his next app does not include the word “social“. He did indicate that he is using NoBiscuitSQL as the backend database technology. He has enlisted the assistance of his sister Bella Luna to help with the UX work.

Domino is currently looking for angel investors as he has found that his social security and 401(k) have dwindled away with the recent US debt crisis follies.

Domino Designer at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Happy birthday Domino Designer!


Author: Bruce Elgort

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