Winter 2022 – Tenure Track Student Evaluations

Last week I received the evaluations that students filled out towards the end of the Winter 2022 quarter. I’ve been keeping a graph of the data and wanted to share it. Tenure-Track candidates at Clark College are evaluated every quarter.
I’ve also taken all of the written comments and created a tag cloud.


Clark College WPTE and STEM Unit Meeting Presentation

Here’s a presentation that I gave to the Clark College WPTE (Workforce Professional and Technical Education) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

In the presentation I talk about:

  • Clickable Zoom Recording Transcripts for Canvas
  • TiLT – Transparency in Learning and Teaching
  • Syllabi 2.0

Here’s a link to all of the resources from the presentation.

Clark College Web Development Program Chrome Extension

There is now a browser extension for students enrolled in the Clark College Web Development program. The extension provides useful links and resources.

Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. The extension also works in Microsoft Edge and Brave browsers.

Here’s the GitHub repo for those who want to see how it was built.

Some feedback I received from a Clark College student

During my Q5 Tenure Meeting last week at Clark College, the committee brought up this comment left by a student answering the question that meant a lot to them, “Does the instructor show equal respect for all regardless of ethnicity, gender, beliefs, age, disability, or class? Briefly explain.”: “Mr. Elgort is hands down the best instructor I have had the pleasure of learning from. He is hardworking, honorable, and deserving of the utmost respect; which he naturally gives to each and every one of the students in his class. As a person of color I have never been treated, nor have I perceived him to treat anyone else, any different for any reason. He should be the standard that every instructor at Clark is held to.”

I won’t be teaching at Clark College this spring

I wanted to let you know that I will not be teaching at Clark College for the spring quarter. The events surrounding the college President and Board of Trustees twice denying my applications for early tenure have gravely affected my health. Their decision will impact the vibrant Web Development program I have built and nurtured over 9+ years. I teach almost half of the courses in the program. Hopefully, the college can find instructors to fill in for me, especially those who plan to graduate in June.

I’m incredibly thankful to my Tenure Review Committee for recognizing my teaching and professional accomplishments. They are the ones who recommended me for early tenure during the first minute of my first ever tenure meeting.

Thank you all for your support of my career at the college.

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Canvas LMS Dark Mode extension for Google Chrome

A student recently shared this Google Chrome extension that makes the Canvas Learning Management System appear in “dark mode”.

Dark mode for Canvas. Staying up late doing homework? Reduce your eye strain and keep your circadian rhythm with this Dark mode for canvas!  Canvas dark mode should work for your school, if it does not, contact me and I can update the plugin to include your school's URL! Currently, dark mode for canvas works on any "*" domain.

Searching in the Panopto Embedded Video Player in the Canvas LMS

Hey there!

I just learned that the embedded Paqnopto video player that’s used in Canvas at Clark College allows you to search for transcribed text.

Stick with me here…

First off, take one of your class or meeting recordings and embed it into a page in Canvas. Once you have it embedded, view the page. Now you are ready to see the magic.

You should see something that looks like this. Click where the arrow is pointing at the bottom of the image.

After you click on the ^, a window will open. Click on the 🔎 icon.

Now you can type in the text to search for. All matches will then be displayed. Click on one of the results.

You will then be brought to that spot in the video recording where those words were spoken.

To return to the list of search results, click on the ^.

That’s it! Pretty cool. I had no idea that this feature was available.

Please share it with your students.