Technology Complacency – I’m in a good place

This is the first time in many years that I am not feeling the need to upgrade my desktop computer, laptop, smart phone or  tablet. I’m not even feeling the slightest urge to to get new kit of any kind. My 27″ 2011 iMac is running great, my iPad mini is awesome, my 2012 Macbook Pro laptop is way more than I need on the road and for teaching and my iPhone 4s still works great.

In the past I would feel the effects of the Steve Jobs “reality distortion field” and feel compelled to upgrade. No more. Maybe it’s the “turning 50” thing?

Everything is working, and working dang well.

How about you?

Please pray for a truly special young lady and her family

From my friend and ICS community member Chris Byrne:

My 17 year old daughter Grace, a senior honors student in high school who is dual enrolled at the University of Georgia, was running with friends after school last Friday.  When crossing the street, she was struck by an SUV.  She is now in the intensive care unit of a local hospital being treated for severe brain trauma.  Grace is a multi-sport athlete at her school with varsity letters in Tennis and Cross Country, and was the MVP of the Junior Varsity Soccer Team.  She turned to tennis as a sport after breaking her foot too many times playing soccer.  She has also completed two half-marathons, the most recent in October (the picture of her is after that race).  The outpouring of love and concern for her from our community in Athens has been unbelievable because she has touched so many lives and made such a difference in her young life.


Our family firmly believes in the power of prayer and are asking people to pray for our beloved daughter and her sister.  Specifically we are asking that people carry a walnut, which represents her head and when people see or touch the walnut to say a little prayer that her head be basked in a healing light.  Her friends have started a Twitter hashtag of #Walnuts4Grace

From my inbox: Domino based URL shortener

Today I received an email from a customer who was looking for a Domino based URL shortener and I was wondering if any of you could help them with some guidance:

Hi Bruce,

Are you aware of any Domino based URL shorteners that do the following:

Core Requirements

  • Shortens URLs
  • Customise a short URL
  • Does not require authentication
  • Provides metrics on click throughs (like on where you add a “+” to the URL to get metrics)
  • Share button / bookmarklet that shortens the URL and creates a web page with the link
  • Has an API (JSON would do) for other services to send long URLs and retrieve short URLs, call for metrics on short URLs etc.


  • Reserve custom URLs – e.g., “Bank CEO” etc..
  • Gathers IP addresses to determine location of users
  • Determines browser type
  • Determines OS type
  • Admin interface to manage the above.

I have seen – this seems close but doesn’t do the metrics, custom URLs, API etc.. We currently have something on a dev server but it is based on OS software and we have a strict policy on using such tools. We would like a quick win – something we can put onto our Domino servers to provide an analogous service. Please let me know – I am hoping you may have something available (LinkJam does too much and doesn’t seem to shorten the URL), or you may know of something from your network.

Please let me know if you know of such an application or would be willing to offer your services to code one up.