Web Design & Development Academy – Summer 2020


Here are planned sessions for the Summer 2020 Web Development Academy brought to you by Clark College Web Development Students and other members of the community:

  1. Markdown 101 by Regina Pilipchuk on Sunday, July 12 at 1:00 PM
  2. Database Normalization by Allison Drake on Sunday, July 19 at 1:00 PM
  3. Getting Started with Vue.js by Illia Saakian on Sunday, July 26 at 1:00 PM
  4. Getting Started with Django by Josiah Peterson on Sunday, August 2 at 1:00 PM
  5. Getting Started with CSS Animations by Kyle McDonald on Sunday, August 9 at 1:00 PM
  6. Getting Started with Node.js by Josiah Peterson on Sunday, August 16 at 1:00 PM
  7. CyberSecurity for Web Developers by Blaine Blodgette on Sunday, August 23 at 1:00 PM
  8. Getting Started with Laravel by Iosif Livadaru ib Saturday, August 29 at 1:00 PM

Important Information

Sessions will be taking place online via Zoom. The link to each of the sessions will be sent out the morning of each event.

Who Can Attend

These sessions are available to Clark College students, staff, faculty, alumni, and members of the community.


Registration is limited to 35 participants per session and is required in advance. You can find a link to each sessions registration page below.

Due to space limitations, registrants will be required to notify the instructor if they won’t be able to attend after signing up. Failure to do may limit your ability to attend future sessions.


These events are free, however, registration is required. The instructors are volunteering their time for these events.

Getting Started with Markdown

Skill Level – Beginner
Sunday, July 12
1 PM – 2:30 PM

Your Instructor: Regina Pilipchuk

Regina Pilipchuk

An accomplished technology student of Clark College working hard to inspire and challenge myself with meaningful web development and programming experiences. I enjoy exploring existing and emerging technologies to guide me through memorable educational journeys so I can showcase, with passion, the ever-evolving innovations of society.


About this Session

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that grew in popularity due to its simplicity and ease of use. It adds formatting elements to plaintext documents. Markdown can be used in a variety of ways: writing email, books, presentations, notes, technical documentation, and more. It is also portable, platform independent, future proof, and supported by many websites, tools, and desktop/web-based apps.

What you should know before attending this session

  • Ability to save/edit files
  • Experience with using text editors

Learning Outcomes

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of Markdown, teaching you briefly about its history, why it’s so popular, and its uses. You will also learn the fundamentals of Markdown syntax. This course will also provide you with Markdown resources and guides so you can confidently start using Markdown in your daily tasks.

Registration for this event will be available soon.


Database Organization Basics for Web Developers

Skill Level – Beginner
Sunday, July 19
1 PM – 2:30 PM

Your Instructor: Allison Drake

Allison Drake is a web designer and developer from the Pacific Northwest who uses her broad background and skillset to produce organized solutions with a pleasing user experience. She holds a BA in Humanities with focuses inAnthropology, Art, Music, and Sociology, as well as a Certification in ProfessionalWriting from Washington State University. Allison recently completed her AAT inWeb Development from Clark College in conjunction with Microsoft TechnologyAssociate Certifications; Database Fundamentals, Software DevelopmentFundamentals, Programming using Python, and Programming using HTML andCSS. She has over 15 years of experience solving problems for customers and coworkers in the industries of manufacturing, logistics, biodiesel production, healthcare, marketing, ecommerce, and product development.

About this Session

Learn how to organize the data tables you develop so that you avoid data processing issues with your code! This session covers database normalization rules and techniques up to the Third Normal Form, as well as the Boyd Codd Normal Form. This session information can be applied to any web development language.

What you should know before attending this session

  • Have a basic understanding of data tables, including the use of columns and rows
  • Familiarity with any programming language

Learning Outcomes

  • Common developer related database issues related to organizing data
  • Database Normalization – What it is and why it is important
  • First (1NF), Second (2NF), Third (3NF), and Boyd Codd Normal Form (BCNF or 3.5NF)
  • Techniques to organize your data tables and ways to avoid data redundancy

Registration for this event will be available soon.

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