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This page contains a list of Taking Notes podcasts back to episode 100 produced by Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux. For episodes prior to 100 please visit the Taking Notes podcast site. You can also subscribe to Taking Notes on iTunes.

Episode 177 – Building a career out of LEGO bricks with Warren Elsmore

Episode 176 – Cloud Cost Management Made Easy with Cloudability

Episode 175 – Online Learning with

Episode 174 – Opting In: Ed Brill Talks About his New Book

Episode 173 – The IBM 2012 Tech Trends Report 

Episode 172 – Learning XPages with Notesin9

Episode 171 – There’s Gold in Them XPages

Episode 170 – What’s new with IBM Wikis

Episode 169 – Mobilizing your apps with Velocity AppXtender

Episode 168 – What’s new in IBM Connections 4

Episode 167 – Mobilizing your Notes applications with Mobilite

Episode 166 – The Evolution of XPages

Episode 165 – IBM Connections, Social Recognition, and TemboSocial

Episode 164 – What’s New in IBM Mobile Apps, with Chris Reckling and Rob Ingram

Episode 163 – Getting started with IBM Connections application development

Episode 162 – IBM’s Ed Brill and Trust Factory’s Wouter Aukema

Episode 161 – Learning XPages with Mark Myers and Matt White

Episode 160 – ICS Tech Tweetup with Paul Mooney and Gab Davis

Episode 159 – Bring your Lotus Notes data to your mobile devices with We4IT’s docLinkr

Episode 158 – Develop native mobile apps for Notes/Domino with Domino To Go

Episode 157 – jQuery in XPages with Mark Roden

Episode 156 – Ethical Hacking with Paul Mooney

Episode 5000 – Congratulations to the This Week in Lotus Podcast

Episode 155 – An interview with the authors of the XPages Extension Library book

Episode 154 – XPages Training with Paul Calhoun and Russ Maher

Episode 153 – Connections101 with Gab Davis and Paul Mooney

Episode 152 – Mobile AppDev Strategies with Graham Acres

Episode 151 – Teamstudio Unplugged, with Nigel Cheshire and Craig Schumann

Episode 150 – Activity Streams of the Future, with Alan Lepofsky

Episode 149 – Learn about OpenSocial with Ryan Baxter and Mikkel Heisterberg

Episode 148 – Interview with Alistair Rennie IBM General Manager of Collaboration Solutions talking about Lotsuphere 2012 and Social Business

Episode 147 – Lotusphere Hashtags, Tweetups, Scavenger Hunts, and More!

Episode 146 – Developing a Collaboration Strategy with Michael Sampson

Episode 145 – All About IBM Connect 2012

Episode 144 – Are You Ready For Lotusphere? With Andy, Paul, and Stuart.

Episode 143 – IBM’s SmartCamp Program for Entrepreneurs with Mike Riegel

Episode 142 – A View Into the World of NoSQL, with Mark Myers

Episode 141 – Interview with Ed Brill and Pete Janzen about IBM XWork Server and Domino 8.5.3

Episode 140 – Interview with Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton

Episode 139 – Interview with Appcelerator CEO Jeff Haynie

Episode 138 – The Portland Incubator Experiment

Episode 137 – IBM’s Jim Quill and Phil Riand talk about the forthcoming Relational Database support in XPages

Episode 136 – IBM’s Dave Delay and Phil Riand talk about the forthcoming REST API’s for Domino and XPages

Episode 135 – Announcing the First Ever OpenNTF Development Contest

Episode 134 – Introducing the IBM Champion Program

Episode 133 – To the Cloud with Prominics’ Justin Hill and Jon Schultz

Episode 132 – Running a business on XPages with Brian Benz

Episode 131 – Lotusphere 2011 Wrap Up with Ed Brill and Kat Mandelstein

Episode 130 – IBM’s VP of Open Standards Angel Diaz

Episode 129 – The 2011 TeamStudio Spotlight Awards – Why you need to enter your app – it’s easy!

Episode 128 – Drain Google, Second Signal, Lotusphere CULT shirt and more with Bob Balaban and Andrew Pollack

Episode 127 – Meet the Evolution Transformer with GROUP’s Nathan Freeman

Episode 126 – Introducing Social Business with Luis Suarez

Episode 125 – ILUG 2010 Wrap-up with Eileen Fitzgerald, Paul Mooney and Steve McDonagh

Episode 124 – It’s VideoFest Time!

Episode 123 – Everything you wanted to know about using Sametime or writing a book (but were afraid to ask)

Episode 122 – Sidebar, Plugins, and Notes Client Extensions with Mikkel Heisterberg

Episode 121 – Evangelizing Lotus Connections

Episode 120 – Everything you wanted to know about Lotus Quickr 8.5 and more

Episode 119 – Interview with Tungle’s CEO Marc Gingras

Episode 118 – The new SNAPP-On modules for Lotus Quickr, Collaboration University and the forthcoming book on Lotus Sametime by Tom Duff and Marie Scott

Episode 117 – The New XPages Extensability API with IBM’s Jim Quill and Phillipe Riand

Episode 116 – LotusLive Notes and Notes/Domino 8.5.2 Announcements with IBM’s Ed Brill

Episode 115 – OpenNTF XPages Mobile Controls with Niklas Heidloff

Episode 114 – All Things LotusLive with IBM’s Chris Blatnick

Episode 113 – The OpenNTF Wildfire Project Team from IBM Business Partner ISW

Episode 112 – Meet Tim Clark of “The XCast Podcast”

Episode 111 – All things Lotus Technical Information and Education Community with IBM’s Joyce Davis and Amanda Bauman

Episode 110 – Lotusphere 2010 Monday Coverage

Episode 109 – Lotusphere 2010 Sunday Coverage

Episode 108 – Lotusphere 2010 – Get Ready!!! Tom Duff and Andy Donaldson talk about Lotusphere 2010

Episode 107 – IBM’s Smart Work Initiative with Antony Satyadas and William Malchisky Jr.

Episode 106 – SharePoint Integrator 2.5 with Mainsoft’s Yaacov Cohen

Episode 105 – An Interview with Mary Beth Raven and Julie Forgo from the IBM Lotus UX Team

Episode 104 – Lotus Symphony with John Head

Episode 103 – Sametime 8.5 with Carl Tyler

Episode 102 – The 3rd Annual Teamstudio Spotlight

Episode 101 – Lotusphere 2010 Global Business Excellence Forum with IBM’s Tim Kounadis

Episode 100 – XPages with Matt White, Declan Lynch, and Peter Presnell

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