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YouAtNotes Software has just released a mobile iOS client app for their popular site. The app works on the iPhone and iPad and gives you access to all the great XPages community wiki articles. Not only does it give you native access to the articles but you also synchronize all of the data with the site and stores it locally on your device. This gives you access to the content anytime you need it.


The app costs $4,99 and is well worth the money. Congratulations to Julian Buss and the YouAtNotes team on creating such a great app. The app was built using Appcelerator.

Download from the App Store >


Philly Bilmos App – V2.0

Today Apple approved the V2.0 of the Philly Bilmos iOS App. Philly Bilmos is a popular eatery in the Vancouver, Washington area. The app is free and has been a big hit with their customers. V2.0 has an updated food menu, updated photo library and more. Can you tell that Mike the owner likes the NY Mets.

Download the Philly Bilmos app.

Philly Bimos iPhone App