IBM Premier Business Partner Best Methods Launches New Social Networking App Yubixi

Best Methods, a Premier IBM Business Partner will soon be launching a new social network called Yubixi. While the official launch of the app will take place next week, you can download and use the app today available in the Apple App Store and soon in the Google Play store.

I absolutely love to see long time Notes and Domino business partners branching out into new efforts. Kudos to Scott Hooks, Chris Whisonant and Tim Tripcony and creating a great new service.

Yubixi is designed to connect you with other people, places, and events based on your common interests.

  • Login with Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Specify your interests
  • Browse others’ profiles
  • Bookmark your favorites
  • Connect and chat
  • Join group chats (Chatters)
  • View news items based on your interests
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  1. Thanks for the shout out Bruce. There are some important clarifications to make for those interested.
    1. Yubixi is a separate venture from Best Methods.
    2. Yubixi was co-founded by myself and CTO, Alan Honeycutt.
    3. Best Methods, including Chris, Tim, and several others, has played an essential role in the development of the mobile apps and will continue to do so as Best Methods does for other customers.

  2. One more thing… We don’t actually launch until April 9. We just ended up in the Apple app store a bit early. We are planning an update with several improvements as well as a release for Android in the Play Store prior to launch.

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